Sarah was born in 1983 in Ohio, and grew up reading Asimov, Clarke, and Bradbury in the branches of the tree behind her house, while daydreaming of robots and space ships, worlds far beyond her own. She was lucky to have parents who encouraged her to read, and she spent most of her time either at the public library or playing Nintendo (yup, the original, with Duck Hunt and everything).   Sarah Pic

As a part of the AOL dial-up generation, Sarah has always been fascinated by technology and its impact on society. After college, she moved to Argentina and completed a Master’s in Social Anthropology, focusing her investigations on biopiracy in the Amazon and the ways in which globalization has affected indigenous peoples.

In the past decade, Sarah has lived in more than a dozen cities spread across four continents. She has hitchhiked on a boat around Cape Horn, catalogued birds and frogs at a remote research station in Ecuador, taught English to movie stars in Beijing, and built ecological toilets in southern France… among many other strange adventures. Sarah currently splits her time between Oxford and Barcelona, and when she’s not working she attends as many tech and literary events as she can, from VR and gaming conferences to author talks and spoken word.

For more on science, science fiction, and artificial intelligence please follow her on Twitter at @SarahSwade.


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